Endless Endgames


I have a new hobby: studying endgames.   At first I thought it would take a couple of weeks, then a couple of months.  The more I study endgames, the longer I believe the study will take!  I can only assume now that endgames are as endless a topic as chess itself.

I struggle with a lot of endgames, particulary QvR and RP endings where there are, say, 5 pawns each.   I actually seem to do worse if I have a pawn advantage!

This blog is primarily so I can track what I have under control, what I don't have under control and other things I have missed: where I don't know if I have it under control or not!  It's also so I can ask my friends for help!

Maybe you can help me by  telling me if you also think that endgame study is an endless pursuit or if there is a finite amount that can be studied within a lifetime.  Or maybe you can just tell me what I am missing so I can complete the list!  What books would you recommend?

Under Control

  • Rook/Queen vs King
  • Two Bishops vs King
  • Bishop and Knight vs King
  • Two Knights vs King
  • King Pawn Endings / Opposition (need practice/revision)
  • Queen vs Minor Piece

Not Under Control

  • Queen vs Rook (Attempted study)
  • Rook and Bishop vs Rook (Studied but need much practice)
  • Rook and Pawns vs Rook and Pawns
  • Rook vs Bishop
  • Rook vs Knight


  • How can I know?!  Please tell me!

Recommended References

  • Chess Mentor courses.
  • Videos: Rook Endings by Danny Rensch.
  • Video: B+R vs R ending video by GM J. Friedel.
  • Book: Chess endings (not sure on name) by Hooper and Euwe.
  • Book: Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual (Mark Dvoretsky) (2)
  • Book: Fundamental Chess Endings  by Muller and Lamprecht (3).
  • Book: Rate Your Endgame (Mednis & Crouch)
  • Book: Secrets of Pawn Endings by Lamprecht and Müller (2).
  • Book: Silman's Complete Endgame Course.
  • Book: Understanding Chess Endgames by John Nunn.
  • Website: http://www.attacktheking.tk/search/label/Endgame

Thanks for your time!