I won the Blitz!


Winning outright doesn't happen to me very often in my club, because there are 2-3 players there that are significantly stronger than I am; Edgar (the strongest player in our club who wins almost everything), Alan and Mladen.  There are also a couple of non-regulars who are stronger, but they didn't show this night...

On Friday the 25th February, 2011, I won the blitz tournament, so I am bragging!!  lol

I won 6 out of 7 games.  Second place was shared by many, all on 5 points.  I only lost to Edgar, who lost two games, one to Alan and one to George (an upset indeed!), whom I both beat on the night!

Yay me!!

Mind you, it was a 'nothing' event -- it wasn't the blitz championship or anything, just a friendly tournament, but still... I won!!

Sorry for bragging, but meh!  Sometimes I need to :-Þ