Let's Get It On!


Well, crunch time is here for me this year.   The two most important chess events for the year both start this week. 

One is the Interclub matches where the clubs in South Australia compete for the pennant.  My club came very close last year - missed it by half a point.  Hopefully this year, we can do one point better!  Starts on Tuesday, 3rd May.

The other is the club championship, starting Friday, 6th May.  The title of club champion is up for grabs.  I've never won it, but always hope to do well.

I hope I don't 'choke' this year like I did last year.  I have been studying hard to try to improve my game for 10 months, hopefully it will pay off and I will do better than 50%.

Wish me and my club luck?!

Thanks for reading