Near Perfect Game!

Jul 11, 2014, 9:06 AM |

Hey friends!

Tonight, I played a championship game at my club.  I was up against a chap named Josh and I have to win to maintain 3rd position, half a point behind 2nd and only one point behind 1st.  This is the penultimate round.  Time control is 60m + 30s per move.

I played with black and after analysis, I found that I played exactly what Houdini would play, for the WHOLE GAME, except one difference near the end where Houdini found a mate in 6 and I played for a mate in 8.

ALMOST perfect play and I am happy to have played so accurately :-)

Ok, my opponent helped me a little, but I am still happy with this as it has always been one of my goals to play a game with no mistakes!

Here is the game: