The club I belong to has been competing in this year's Interclub matches.  Last night was the final round. 

It was a nail-biter for all of us!


A Grade

We're 0.5 points ahead of the competition.  The team just behind us (Ninjas) are our final round opponents...

We need to score 2-2 or better in order to win.

They bring in master Trevor Tao into their lineout to hand them a huge advantage on paper.

Bill had almost no chance against Trever and quickly lost.  Smithy also loses a knight ending, Edgar was looking like losing or drawing.  I was looking like drawing.  Things were looking like they did on paper!

However, I managed to pull out the teams first win, thanks to a timely bishop sac.  That's one.

Edgar managed to wriggle out of the situation he was in, then his opponent overlooks the power of a passed pawn in time trouble.  Edgar brings home the point, so we won 2-2 and held them out to snatch victory in the A grade!


B Grade

The team are four points BEHIND.  The team that is leading are the opponents for the last round!  Now that is pressure,... our team needs to win 4-0 to win the competition on countback!

Mladen wins quickly and so does Richard.  The last two games go down to the wire, boards 2 and 3.

Eric, board 2, is looking very strong, but not over... George (board 3) is currently attacking his opponent's king and has a win on the board, but he misses it and brings his queen back to defend a pawn.

Eric has picked up another pawn and managed to exchange all the material off besides pawns and now has a simple won pawn ending and he went on to win comfortably.

That's 3.

It now comes down to George.  His position has deteriorated and the game is looking dead drawn, but nobody offers a draw (thankfully). 

There's a rook, bishop and pawn for each of them and it's all about to be swapped off.  People are walking away from the last game of the night, seeing nothing but a draw.  George is very annoyed that he had a crushing attack that has lead nowhere.

Material comes off the board and the final capture for the opponent is either RxB or KxB, either which leaves just a pair of rooks, hopelessly drawn.  RxB is drawn, but KxB allows George a skewer to win the opponent's rook and the game.

Guess which one his opponent chose!?

KxB and then utters "Ohhh.... NOOOOO!!"


Our club won the A and B grade Interclub!