Won the Easter Cup!


After a very long time, I won a significant tournament at my club!  Not too long ago I won a blitz tournament, but it wasn't a major event, just a fun tourney.  This time, I won the Easter Cup, a tournament held over 4 nights, one night a week, with two rounds per night.  I'll even win a trophy and go in the hall of fame!

Undefeated, with only 2 draws and with 7 points out of a possible 8, I came out on top half a point clear of my nemesis, Edgar.

I was a bit lucky though, I got a draw against Edgar and a draw against Alan, both of whom also lost at least one other game.  I am very thankful to Edwin who was the only player to score a point against Edgar and if he didn't, I would not have won the cup.

Yes, I am bragging a little here, but I don't win tourneys at my club outright very often, Edgar almost always wins everything, and we now have a new player joined who is even stronger than Edgar in rating points, so I am not too likely to repeat it!

I hereby claim bragging rights while I can!

Drinks are on me!