November 22, 2013 Game Against AndBjerk4

Nov 22, 2013, 8:50 AM |

Today, after watching David Pruess' opening video from's study plan, I played a 30 minute live chess game against AndBjerk4And I won! Below is the game we played along with the thoughts I had while we were playing. I tried to stick to the opening principles outlined in this article and in this video, but I found a move I thought would win and did not complete my development. 

4. ... h6 - to stop him from playing NG5.

6) ... g5 - with the idea of getting to his knight on h3 because knight has no escape square yet.

7) ... Bxh3 - the idea is to disturb his pawn structure around the king.

8) ... gxh4 - to open up g file for my rook to attack his king. 

10) ... h5 - trying to win the bishop on g4 and open up g file again.

19) ... Bd6 - to stop his knight from forking my king and rook and also to protect my knight from his bishop.

24) ... Bxg3 - here I'm just trying to exchange pieces because I have a superior material advantage. 

Then I just got kind of lost and kept playing blind checks because I'm horrible at the endgame and can't ever seem to find a mating move. Until . . .

27) ... a5 with the idea of  28) ... Qb4 #.


Tomorrow I plan on reading through the computer analysis of this game and writing some more about what I find there. Thanks in advance for any comments and also thank you to AndBjerk4 for the good game.