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    • Moons Over Miami

      In the quest to work at Tactics and I've landed in a b(l)og?! Agape and agog while not slogging through the fog of existence today. Just finished the last bit of coffee so will my prep for the next Opening Operation prepare me for the withdrawal f... | Read More

    • Undressing States All Trippies Everlasting

      'The' United States Amateur Team EAST finished up last night. A festivus of CheSS fighting spirits shared among IV Boards. You can say what you wanna but only the fairest warriors will be willing to drop the gloves and put IT on the Offensive line... | Read More

    • How Wicked is Your Witch

      My Witch bad my Witch hood My Witch do things wit her broomstick that youse wish yours would. I said My Witch Bad my Witch Hood my Witch put her green tounge in my mouth and I pop woodpusher. Who else is Proud to be a Woodpusher? Push it Good. No ... | Read More

    • A Morrison for your Sins...

      Fellow Internet Go-ers I say Hello...I hate you...let me yell out my name. Hello...it's late and this blog post is totally lame. Hello...oh WTF why should I even continue? Now that is a stupid question to put on the tip of my hoe. Hello. Jim Morri... | Read More

    • In a Pelican State...

      My bowl needs a cleanin but the Super Bowl is better believin this Sunday on the horizon effect on the American electorate will be what it is. Oh Ray used deer juice oh so what he's a real hunter and that's just what they gotta boo...are you scare... | Read More

    • Snowby the Town

      Do y'all remember Homie the Clown? From the show In Living Color? So MF funny that clown. I've known some people that are afraid of clowns. How can you be afraid of a clown? Humor is usually disarming...that's what I was taught. Honestly I am ... | Read More

    • For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls...

      Played in the U1900 Section of the Liberty Bell Open this past weekend. Rolled three zeros to start the 3-day schedule. Painful my friend very painful. But also necessary, nyet? One should not expect the Road to ultimate success to be easy rider. ... | Read More

    • Barely Able to Contain

      Don't have a topic selected but I just wanted to Pound Some Keys so here goes. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...lol....hurumph. Lol. This is great. Apparently (it's always so difficult to spell that word) Round 5 at TaTa my dear was full of f... | Read More

    • Patriot Acts of Terror...

      I believe that the New England Patriots should be stripped of their 3 Super Bowl Titles against the St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles. They were caught breaking a rule that was on the books. They beat the Eagles and Panther... | Read More

    • Circus of the Knight

      Should the Knight be an attraction at the Circus? All the other pieces move in imaginable ways. The Rook is a duffer who sows the seeds of Hades when he creeps into your backrank. The Bishop acts like it's so proper but then snipes and skewers you... | Read More