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A Morrison for your Sins...

Feb 1, 2013, 9:03 PM 2

Fellow Internet Go-ers I say Hello...I hate you...let me yell out my name. Hello...it's late and this blog post is totally lame. Hello...oh WTF why should I even continue? Now that is a stupid question to put on the tip of my hoe. Hello. Jim Morrison is a dead poet who despised society. Yes he liked to incite riots in College. Hmm. Did that go on his resume? Did they have resumes back then? Do you care? No. Hello. Hello Jello you do not fill me up at all but the texture in my palette is almost worth it. I am not afraid of China. Or it's Navy. Yet. Do you feel that it's worth learning Morse Code in 2013? So I can Morse Hello to some dufus rescuer right before my kidneys fail from polluted water laced wit Prozac. At least I won't be able to think straight. Hello. I learned what imprimateur means today and I still partly remember. Hello Oxford!

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