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Barely Able to Contain

Jan 17, 2013, 10:07 PM 0

Don't have a topic selected but I just wanted to Pound Some Keys so here goes. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...lol....hurumph. Lol. This is great. Apparently (it's always so difficult to spell that word) Round 5 at TaTa my dear was full of fighting Chess. Hooray to that. Wang Hao's ...Rd1 was hotter than the sweaty rumpuss of...a female dragon sitting on a witches cauldron while considering how to revive that opening but oh yeah Naka's got that. Oh Bowzer I feel like I could just type until I Collapse but then my precious laptop would brake and how would I hit the gas again? This is my blog and I'll fry it if you want to. Say it ain't So Wesley say it ain't So. Whose program have your boots been under brother? Don't answer that it's none of my business and here we could break off in a hole new direction but Stephen Hawking would make a bet and I always bet on Black so into the rabbits hole I would happily go frolicking wit my Goldilocks until I realized she was a girl gone bad and then we could really begin to have some fun but then Jack the Ripper came out the box and all he wanted to do was violence and I said where is the Sex in that (all Over you)? Do I have to stop yet I don't see a sign am I still in my lane oh who cares I have insurance...yep life too...all set ready set 1 set 2 setup the whole table bring me more I'm not really hungry but I'll eat so I'm stock carred up for winter like Bears yes Bears oh I do love Bears. No I Care about Bears a lot and I bet they would think I would make a tasty treat. Come here you big Grizzly Daddy doesn't think you're so tough oh yes I've heard your strong but can you prove it to me big mama come on it's just you and me and we've got all of Yellowstone to run around in and my brain is bigger than yours but unfortunately you run pretty fast for a 600 pounder(?). Not afraid of you Smoky since they put you out to warn about Forest Fires it means you sold out cause you're really just a tree hugger. So hug an Evergreen like Aronian - Anand then go back to sleep.

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