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Dec 27, 2012, 9:58 AM 0

What is the comparison/contrast between Poker and Chess? Both are related by strong players as being 'Games' comparable to Life itself. Vladimir Kramnik once said that he thought Poker was too two-dimensional (not a direct quote and please comment if you have it). Is he implying that Chess is 3-dimensional? Possibly more so? I am a novice at Poker and a 2nd Category Chess player. To me Poker is about playing the person/people as is Chess. It's just that Chess is much more intimate and rich. It doesn't get boring. Poker does. Perhaps this just means that I don't have the desire to make a ton of money in Life? I would rather reach the Candidate Master Level. And perhaps someday Master Class.

How do you see both games in comparison? Or on their own?

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