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Circus of the Knight

Jan 13, 2013, 9:08 PM 3

Should the Knight be an attraction at the Circus? All the other pieces move in imaginable ways. The Rook is a duffer who sows the seeds of Hades when he creeps into your backrank. The Bishop acts like it's so proper but then snipes and skewers you from afar. The Queen is just like any other female raging and in estrus wit a bunch of pawns to protect. The King is happy that he cannot move as far as the Queen so he stays away from the Havoc she creates over the whole swath of bored. The pawns are dutiful mates who are subjugated to being blockaded and talked about by the likes of Philidor and Nimzowitch. But the knight...how does one describe the Knight's flight? It's a piece of mystery whose hallowed duty is easily misinterpreted. Just look at the great Knight Whisperers like Tchigorin, Nimzovitch, Reshevsky, Petrosian and Morozevich. Not every player can handle these esoteric creatures wit equal aplomb. Any thoughts on the Knight? And I know it's quite trite.   

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