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How Wicked is Your Witch

Feb 11, 2013, 8:52 PM 0

My Witch bad my Witch hood My Witch do things wit her broomstick that youse wish yours would. I said My Witch Bad my Witch Hood my Witch put her green tounge in my mouth and I pop woodpusher. Who else is Proud to be a Woodpusher? Push it Good. No No I wish you would. Pushin Wood doesn't get you jail time yet so that's good. I mean there's a lot of other items which if you push you go to jail. I mean some lil wimp you pushed on the street would probably sue your a$$ faster than saSSafras. I should mention that I dropped my gloves at the Rink tonight and tried to get off on my dance partner. And like a well-planned combo on the 64 part of it was good...and Classically speaking I guess it was hood. Oh My Witch Bad My Witch Hood my Witch speak to me in tounges youse wish yours could.

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