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In a Pelican State...

Jan 30, 2013, 8:15 PM 2

My bowl needs a cleanin but the Super Bowl is better believin this Sunday on the horizon effect on the American electorate will be what it is. Oh Ray used deer juice oh so what he's a real hunter and that's just what they gotta boo...are you scared of Kapernick? I fink and wink but I would be since he runs like a gazelle wit no hip bone and it's not funny bone. How will the Mavenist Cravenist Raven (Poe, Po' Poe) stop dis Manny who is SO Fresh? Lil ol' moi hath no ideaz about that. But I bet John Gruden could figure it out wit Thomas Jefferson by the Candlelight only wit Malcolms by any means necessary requirement and some B-I-G Muslims guarding their grills. It is a pleasure (no really it's all yours) to even be able to pound this do-hickey right now since my Sircum stance z have improvisation so much since near-deathshead recently. I even found a deertick on me before he found out how to give me lymes (rythmes wit dimes) disease. But what is a disease to a white man like me. Just another way to meet my maker and punch him in his Louisiana Dome. Oh yeah Chess. Who wanna play some CheSS? I do.

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