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Moons Over Miami

Feb 25, 2013, 1:10 PM 0

In the quest to work at Tactics and I've landed in a b(l)og?! Agape and agog while not slogging through the fog of existence today. Just finished the last bit of coffee so will my prep for the next Opening Operation prepare me for the withdrawal from the Openings I use now to get myself serendipitously into what Tartakower says the Gods have placed before the Ending where the values of fought for objectives suddenly...change? On to the character of Maya in Zero Dark Thirty. Who best represents this character from the female species in the Chess World? A tireless hunter-killer solely focused on finding a crafty and lethal enemy? I wanna know so I can study her games. She would care not about striking a pretty equipoise but would instead be busting the noggins of the best players of the day. Is it Hou Yifan? Probably yes. She smiles so much which I can only hope is a Joker mask to cover-up her medievil intentions once she perches at the board to survey her prey. Let me Trot (#54 Forever!) out that ol' line of why are there not more women that play Chess? One of the reasons espoused is that it's not practical and it takes so much time. If that were a strong excuse then there are a few other pastimes we could add to the list right? Baseball, Fashion and Politics appear to fit this definition as well yet women regularly participate in these activities. Of course we call the first SoftBall and they have to throw underhand which seems to fit women just fine. It's been said that women play more aggressively on the chessboard which is a plus size Model for the Game as a whole. And who doesn't want more of those Hose. While I inveigh against the proverbial needle in the hay let me stack the deck wit or deck the halls of Caissa wit some positive bit. It's such a wonderful and rare experience to play against a striking woman who is capable of crippling an ODB in OTB. So even though I'm a Bourne Again Misogynist it would be a Racheschach of me to not desire more of the estrogen-enriched kind to join the Tournament fray. And frankly my dear...that is all I have to say.  

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