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NFL Playoffs...

Jan 7, 2013, 8:19 AM 0

Have to admit that the N.F.L. Playoffs will take precedence over a weekend Chess tournament this year. Unless it's a Boxing/UFC Superfight or a Candidates/World Championship Match nobody can touch the N.F.L. Playoff system. OK Game 7's are comparable. When everything is staked on a single game...ahh that's peak right there. I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 Games this weekend even though the Vikings were handicapped against Rogers and crew at Lambeau. Seattle winning was shocking as I felt RGIII and the Skins would handle business especially after the Seahawks spotted him 14 pts. Ray Lewis' performance, along wit that of his mates, was awe-inspiring. Ravens fans deserve the Title this year. And so does Ray. In the NFC I will be rooting for the ATL because those three letters have a special place in all true Chessplayers heartz. You may ask,"What does this blog have to do wit Chess?" The answer, I'm afraid, is not much. 

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