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Patriot Acts of Terror...

Jan 15, 2013, 11:45 AM 4

I believe that the New England Patriots should be stripped of their 3 Super Bowl Titles against the St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles. They were caught breaking a rule that was on the books. They beat the Eagles and Panthers by only 3 points and the Rams by less than that. These three cities deserve those Lombardi Trophies, even posthumously. These cities deserve to have a parade. For playing the Game of Football within the rules. College Football has stripped schools of Titles won when the rules got broke and the N.F.L. should follow suit. I am an Eagles fan since the Donovan McNabb/Andy Reid era. So there is my bias. But when the Birds win a Title I want them to do it within the rules of the Game. Go Birds!!

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