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Running Against Guns Empathy...

Jan 10, 2013, 5:26 PM 0

Making moves when you're enraged is difficult. My emotions control me often. It damages my Chess but helps it too. OTB I just want to knock my opponent out. And it doesn't matter if he's say, 10 years old. Now I don't do it. But I want to. And Chess parents are the Worst. At the Boardwalk Open last year I almost blasted some guy who was named Dick I think. He wanted the TD to call the Cops and that's all that would've saved him. His son was playing me and our game was the last to finish and I lost in the Ending. It was a fun game. But Chess parents S-U-C-K. They all think their Kid is the Golden Child. Who will remove this illusion from their lizard brains? Likely...another K.I.D.

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