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Snowby the Town

Jan 25, 2013, 7:29 PM 4

Do y'all remember Homie the Clown? From the show In Living Color? So MF funny that clown. I've known some people that are afraid of clowns. How can you be afraid of a clown? Humor is usually disarming...that's what I was taught. Honestly I am just putting off the tactical work I should be doing to choke the chicken of this blog for eternity and it's dope smell. La-di-da. Still not doing Tactics. Oh the Chess Rebel Rouzer poking thru my trousers I am. But considering that I don't have to beat off the Russians in the Kessel life ain't too bad. TaTa will be done in less than a Wijk but I have enjoyed it. That live coverage is Tight! Now is tight a Colorado derived term? I don't care I'm just extending my zone coverage of this Blog Defense so that their Ace QB can't do his Kapernick in my hood. I'll just put a Suggs in his Dome and then it will caveman in like Minnesota Fats. Or is that Mississippi(OMG I spelled it right) Cats? That fantabulous hip-hop guy who I won't name cuz he might come after me says it's great when you just stop caring. On that high note MF (I'm) I'll just have to agree to agree. Now if you would like to respond to this 'post' just remember that Russian Shock Troops may be outside playing Tango muzik and attacking at dawn and dusk. And we haven't even got into the propaganda leaflets yet. Long Live...help me here...Long Live...rabbits. 

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