Shuffle Chess

Apr 16, 2011, 12:27 AM |

I'm thinking about what Bobby Fischer said about chess being figured out, suggesting that the game might be "dead."  It seems like Chess960 is perchance too random though.  I would suggest only mixing up the rook, bishop, and knight.  You could always choose the rook first, roll the dice and simply place it on whatever number it lands on.  You leave the King and Queen on the same squares so there is only 6 vacant slots, this makes it perfectly convenient.  Then you roll for the bishop and the spot for the Knight makes itself (you make the layout symmetrical).  It allows for 6 variants and allows for several new openings to be pioneered, studied, learned, and written about.

It does seem like having the rook placed adjacent to the Queen might be too advantageous though.  So I'm thinking only switch the rook between the 1 &2, and 7 & 8 squares.  You could simply roll the dice and if it is an odd number it does on the 1 & 8 square; or if its an even number the rook is placed on the 2 & 7 squares obviously.  This would allow for 4 layouts and I think this would probably be a great way of expanding some of the possibilities and new game openings while maintaining familiarity.