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I Win Therefore I Am. - Mordecai Esquire

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    • Full Time Chess

      Just finished finals... for the next 10-14 days I plan on studying a lot of chess.  I'm thinking the Caro-Kann and Birds Opening I'll try out.  I know say, the first 3 or 4 moves of the Caro, but I really want to get in depth.  Kind of sucks th... | Read More

    • Grandmasters and Spectators

      I just watched an interview with the GOAT, Garry Kasparov, and he was being asked about politics primarily, but the conversation drifted toward chess like it inevitably had to.  He wasn't complaining, but when he was asked about how the "common m... | Read More

    • Shuffle Chess

      I'm thinking about what Bobby Fischer said about chess being figured out, suggesting that the game might be "dead."  It seems like Chess960 is perchance too random though.  I would suggest only mixing up the rook, bishop, and knight.  You could... | Read More

    • Mordecai's Chesst

      My first blog ever... I'm beginning this enterprise in an effort to help memorize the openings I read.  However, I'm currently trying to play more Chess960 as I've recently learned of the game and became fascinated with it.  I've only played on... | Read More