Featured Article: Congratulations to Chess.com!

Featured Article: Congratulations to Chess.com!

Oct 11, 2011, 8:25 PM |

Congratulations to Chess.com - 4,000,000 Members: Week 8 [Inaccurate]  -  October 11, 2011

It seems I will never run out of featured articles to write! Just a few weeks after IM Silman's return, Chess.com has officially reached 4,000,000 members! Subsequent to being released and re-launched in the year of 2007, this website has developed greatly with new features and great programs.

Chess.com has many outstanding members who contribute greatly to the site every month. I would like to feature them in this blog post for all of the work they have done:


2. The_Chess_Ninja

3. Zhane

4. Behemoth1

5. CaptainJimTKirk

6. cpctc


8. ChessMarksTheSpot

9. Alan_Tudor...

... and many, many more! I would also just like to give a special shout-out to Alan_Tudor... He has recently lost his house and his cars and could really use some help. Here is a link to a special forum in his honor. Please take your time to read! Just click here.

I would also like to feature some very important people - the official Chess.com staff!

1. David Pruess

2. Danny Rensch

3. Kohai...

... and a bunch more! Please acknowledge the hard work that they have done in order to make this site as educational and exciting as possible! Just click here. [cr. thank you ljschess for taking your time in order to create this forum...]

Thank you to all of Chess.com for being one of the best online communities ever created [and for reading]! 

~ CalbaMan