A positional combination: when Kramnik outplayed Kasparov.

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You all know that combination is a forced move sequence sacrificing material in order to checkmate the other side, gain material back OR positional advantage. This one belongs to the last definition, and what is most notable, is that Kasparov, the greatest, was in the loser side, completely outplayed.

As always, I found this position in my eternal digging for chess gems. The great thing about this one is that the really long calculation that Kramnik had to do and the absolute certainty about the assessment of the final position: he had to be completely sure that that position was won. But words here doesn't speak by themselves without spoiling the whole thing; so, enjoy (if you all set up a clock at 20 minutes at least to try to solve this one in tournaments conditions will be great for your chess).

When you think you are ready, reproduce the solution below. (recommendation: you have to click in the button "MOVE LIST" to see all the comments.
Like the old studies of Domination, huh? :)
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