My biased report against Mikhail Tahl

FM CharlyAZ

I won't lie: I'm biased against Tahl's chess, the super wizard of Riga. I really like his games... when he ends them, because you can literally see the pieces flying around, the neighing of the horses being slaughtered and the whinning of his Queen (because she knows, she knows...!!) Go to your basement or some place without noise, and you may even hear his evil laugh, like any other crazy scientist from Hollywood or the old german cinema...

Anyway, ehem, like I was saying, I dont like Tal's games... He is always lost! How come!?!

The thing is that yesterday, browsing around the net, I found a game that I didn't know from him. Of course, like any other fan, the blogger only showed the last moment when... (you don't know already?) Tahl's pieces are screaming and begging for a extra move of life... is not little thing begging for your life, huh? So, in order to pay last respects to those pieces who left their lives in the battlefield, I analyzed the game.

By the way, the game is not in the databases, at least in mine, because it was played in a simul in los Angeles, 1988. Tal showed to my favourite player (Bronstein!, how come?) and then Bronstein to Sosonko, later he published some article, etc etc. It could be a fake game, but because I know the crazy style of Tahl, (and this one smells of it) I think it's a real one against some harmless californian too respectful of the Devil of Riga.

To not to be less than others, I will post first the final moments of the game. :(

(White to play)

When you think you are ready, see the solution below.


yeah yeah, pretty stuff...

Anyway, here it is the whole game analyzed.


But I found two mistakes! TWO! Well, one, because the other one you may say was the "Mistake Producer", the one with the hidden gem.

Yeah yeah, you are right...

Whatever :(


I found the game here (in spanish; all the analysis are mine)

PS: I was just joking Laughing. Tahl is one of the greatest.