When the King goes to War: Breaking the rules

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Recently the website has chosen the "Game of the year" (Gashimov-Grischuk, 0-1) which, I have to say, is stunning, but just because it breaks an elementary rule: "You shall protect your King"... but well, if you are gonna go for the pawn on b2, you have to be able to cope up the risks.

The things is this one brought to mind some other great games, including the famous Short-Timman, Tilburg 1991. I have 2 more classical games featuring  stubborn kings, so, stick around and buckle up, because these monarchs are crazy!


Gashimov-Grischuk, Bursa 2011. (The Game of the Year)

Because the game is so complicated, and I want to analyze it without an engine first, I'll publish it here without any comments, it's awesome anyways; I'll try later to produce some decent analysis.

Awesome, huh? I really like 29...Ka4! I guess it had to be very frustrating for Gashimov, which didn't mind spare some material, not getting checkmated the black king.
Steinitz-Paulsen, Baden Baden 1870.

To many on those times, Steinitz was a blasphemy himself. He never had a doubt leaving his king in the center if an extra pawn was the reward. Many opening lines has its mark, like this one. For profuse comments, you should read the first book of Kasparov's "My great predecessors".
Hampe-Meitner, Vienna 1870.

This one is awesome!! But I wonder what would have happened if, instead of 11.Kb4(?) White would have played 11.Kb5, not granting an extra tempi to black. The complication are so huge, that I only give here some little lines for your enjoyment.
Short-Timman, Tilburg 1991
I really like this game, an instant classic. It's beautiful that black has not escape in this position.
I wonder: it has to be more than four games like these ones here, where the King takes a walk like nothing, jumping around avoiding the mines and surviving the killing. If you, my chess friends, know one of those games, do not hessitate to post them here.
I hope all of you enjoyed this article. Smile