Aronian/Kramnik: An *Outstanding* Round 3 Game

Aronian/Kramnik: An *Outstanding* Round 3 Game

Apr 24, 2012, 10:33 AM |
   OK this is basically just going to be a quick-*QUICK* posting of today's Round 3 game between Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik.

   This game was just absolutely intense, fun, and interesting, especially in the later stages as the race to the time controls heated up. It began to look like a bullet game towards the end.

   There was over 200 viewers at one point during the show and over 80 chatters and it was active, respectful, and a heck of a lot of fun today.

   Today's co-host alongside IM David Pruess, began with GM Sam Shankland, but once Sam had to go to class, the co-host was Phil Dennis, who will be co-hosting Round 4 tomorrow with GM Magesh Panchanathan.

   Phil had a great debut show today and we look forward to having him back more in future shows.  Cool  He's an amateur player at 1316 USCF and David wanted someone who can view the game through the eyes of an "average" chess-player. Phil was on the ball today and did a great job. Cool

   Here's the PGN for today:


   Tomorrow's Round 4 broadcast will start at 7 AM Pacific/10 AM Eastern/3 PM London time and it's open to Platinum/Diamond members.

   Here's the rest of the schedule in relation to our Aronian/Kramnik coverage:

4/25 WED. Kramnik vs. Aronian Match - ROUND 4   7:00 am PST/10 AM EST/3 PM London Time (GMT -8)

                               Hosted by GM Magesh Panchanathan & Phil Dennis

4/27  FRI.  Kramnik vs. Aronian Match - ROUND 5    7:00 am PST/10 AM EST/3 PM London Time

                               Hosted by GM Khachiyan & FM Kostya Kavutskiy

                                     *****FOR ALL MEMBERS!*****

   Have a great day everyone!