BLUNDERS with Our 2nd-Place Internal Tourney Winner!

BLUNDERS with Our 2nd-Place Internal Tourney Winner!

Dec 23, 2012, 10:10 AM |

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An Official Group Blog Entry

   OK, everyone, as per my new style of recapping (when I am up to doing them), this is pretty much going to be the shortest PoB recap I've ever done!

   Back in the days when the group had under 100 members and the group itself was barely 4 months old, we ran our first Group Internal Tournament. As our 2nd-Place winner, Kevin (megillk), got to co-host "Blunders!" 

   For further discussion or comments, the topics are listed below. The first topic is David's. The rest belong to Kevin.  Cool


   Topic #1 - Are the World Mind Games an exciting new event in chess?

   Topic #2 - Why is there a big difference between USCF and

   Topic #3 - Can a player improve at blitz?

   Topic #4 - What are you supposed to learn from the computer analysis of your games?

   Topic #5 - What is the best way to learn an opening for an 1800 club player?

   Topic #6 - How would you describe Carlsen's style---under 30 seconds?

   Topic #7 - How would you describe Aronian's style---under 30 seconds?

   Topic #8 - How do you still keep chess fun when you start [inevitably] start plateauing?

   Topic #9 - How can a high school chess club get better?

   Topic #10 - Any new suggestions on reducing "Grandmaster Draws"?

   Topic #11 - How is chess like life? Then how is chess not at all like life?

   B.O.T.W. - No Blunders!! Be nice over the holidays!  Cool

   Congrats goes out to Kevin, for placing #2 in the tourney and doing a great job co-hosting with David. Have a nice weekend, folks! Happy Holidays! And remember to join the Official Group for all of your needs, like updated schedules, interactions with the Hosts of your favorite shows, and more.  Cool