A Rough Day For Mr. Rensch A Rough Day For Mr. Rensch

Jun 13, 2012, 3:30 PM |

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   Last week's "BIG Show" was subject to a major glitch that shut down the entire show, forcing Danny to go 0-10 because of the dreaded disconnect, which was the reason behind there not being a recap blog.

   This week, the spirits of "The BIG Show" struck again, this time at Procaster, obliterating video and audio 5 minutes into the show and lasting for about a half-hour. Luckily, unlike last week, the games were still going on and all the games would finish without further incident, leaving Danny with a final 7/10 score, but some of the games were rough for the talkative, accent-prone Host.  Cool

   This week offered up a new group of players to Danny, either first-timers playing in the Live Chess Simul or players that haven't gotten chosen for a while. There were definitely some names in there I didn't recognize and I'm usually at every show. Anyways, here are the PGNs of the games in the order they completed in.  Smile

Game 1 vs. conrad123 - B14 Caro Kann Panov/Botvinnik Attack

Game 2 vs. skyler_kelly - C47 Scotch Four Knights - Four Knights with 4.g3

Game 3 vs. watch555 - D00 1.d4 d5 Unusual lines


Game 4 vs. Queensrych - B33 Pelikan and Sveshnikov Variations

Game 5 vs. Samsch - D51 Queen's Gambit Declined 4.Bg5 Nbd7 sidelines


This is where things began to get dicey for Danny...

Game 6 vs. hoard88 - E10 Blumenfeld Gambit

   Congrats to hoard88 for the win against Danny. Two more players would also get the better of our Host....

Game 7 vs. SamiOlsson - B27 Sicilian 2.Nf3, unusual Black 2nd moves

   Congrats go out to SamiOlsson for the win against Danny. The players weren't done there...

Game 8 vs. Boka7 - E14 Queen's Indian Classical Variation (4.e3)

Game 9 vs. igalse - B76 Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav Attack 9.g4 and 9.0-0-0

   And a final congrats go out to Igalse for the final win of the day.

Game 10 vs. vmay1072 - C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin Defence 4.0-0 Nxe4


   Alright everyone there you have it. Some strong showings today and who quickly dashed any hope for Danny's 4th ever perfect show.

   As always, I'm going to make these 10 games available for Download in the Downloads section if anyone wants them and by looking at past history, people seem to want them.  Cool

   Have a good night everyone!