"The BIG Show" Recap for 4/25! "The BIG Show" Recap for 4/25!

Apr 25, 2012, 2:17 PM |

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   Hey everyone and welcome to a quick-recap of today's 10-game simul "The BIG Show,"hosted by IM Danny Rensch and his son Nash, who made his on-camera debut today.

   Today's show aired at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern/9 PM London time and was open to Platinum/Diamond members.

   The games were played in standard BIG Show 15|30 time controls.

   Let's get to the games in the order they were completed in:

Game 1 - vs: champ_weller - C67 Ruy Lopez: Steinitz Defence:


Game 2- vs: Josh407 - B70 Sicilian Dragon:

Game 3: vs - Mainline_Novelty - C45 Trompowsky Attack:

Game 4: vs. MissionAssassin - A32 Symmetrical English:


Game 5: vs. ANason21 - C42 Petroff Defence:


Game 6: vs. Blaken1674 - B76 Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack:

Game 7: vs. GeniusKJ - B75 Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack, Misc. systems:


Game 8: vs. Sleight - C45 Scotch: (he added his own analysis to the game and sent me the updated version so I'm able to post it)


Game 9: vs. Bab3s - E32 Nimzo-Indian:


Game 10 - vs. Daeru - C45 Scotch Game:


   Congrats go out to Daeru for the win and to Sleight for the draw preventing another possible perfect show keeping the score at 8.5/10!

   So that's it for the quick-recap everyone!

   Have a good night!

   -Mark - Super Admin/Co-creator of the Official Group and Chat Moderator