(FINAL UPDATE) Tournaments FULL!!

(FINAL UPDATE) Tournaments FULL!!

Jan 28, 2013, 12:56 PM |

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   I'm sure that you aware by now that the The Official Chess.com/TV Group is holding a pair of Internal Tournaments beginning February 1st. Eligibility is for group members only, with great prizes related to Chess.com/TVAnd for the first time, both tournaments are now full with Official Chess.com/TV Group members with less than 4 full days away from it's start.


Prizes for EACH tournament:


·        1st place: One hour of blitz w/analysis with your favorite Host

·        2nd place: Guest Hosting Pardon our Blunders

·        3rd place: Free Your Games Analyzed analysis


    Tournament # 2 (rating level 1201-1600)  FULL!

   Tournament # 1 (rating level 1601-2000) - FULL!


   The Official Chess.com/TV Group is the place to be, not just to participate in these unique tournaments, but to keep up on “all things Chess.com/TV,” including up-to-date announcements on broadcasts. The group continues to grow, with a great influx due to the tourneys, making it a satisfyingly active group. We have now hit over 1000 members. More than 260 have joined over the last two weeks.

   So, for those who missed out, I'm sure we'll continue on running these tournaments as long as we get the blessings from Danny and David. I will announce when the next ones are once we get closer to the end of these. So be patient, but be ready. There's more fun from The Official Chess.com/TV Group coming your way in the near future and I myself will be running tournaments not linked to the group starting soon as well so look out for those blogs as well..


These are the basic rules for the 2013 Tournaments:


·        All member levels allowed

·        100 people/tourney

·        3 days/move

·        No vacation time!!!

·        5 people per group

·        1 person per group advances

·        2 simultaneous games played per opponent (max of 8 games in the first round)

·        Tie-breaker system allowed

·        Max 10% timeouts


   Tournaments will start promptly at midnight Pacific Time on February 1st, which is only 4 days from now.






   There you have it, people! GREAT group! GREAT broadcasts! GREAT hosts! Become a Chess.com/TV Group member today.