Getting Back Into the Game

Getting Back Into the Game

Jul 8, 2013, 12:42 PM |

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   After a substantial time of being away from chess and this site, I've decided to make a surprise appearance and let you all know out there who have been following me (all 5 of you), that I'm returning to


   The reasons why I left were never divulged (nor will they be) but let's just say that I noticed things on the site I didn't agree with. So I took some time away from the site to deal with it. Naturally, with me, it took longer than usual, but I feel now is the right time to return.


   The Official Group has grown to over 1100 members, the Anand vs. The World vote chess match is coming up next Sunday and the buildup to the Anand vs. Carlsen match is underway.


   I haven't figured out where I'm going to focus on and what kind of blog this is going to be; a personal chess journey blog, a chess news blog or anything like that. I guess I will have to decide on that as I move on.


   There's definitely a lot to focus on now with the Beijing Grand Prix, all the cheating articles, Anand, Carlsen, the September Sinquefield Cup and everything in-between, so I see it is as the right time to return to my news blogging, if I decide to go that way, which I probably will.


   But to those who have stuck with me, just know that I have returned to and, more specifically, to the glorious blog. Laughing


   Have a good day everyone!