Going Back To My Roots!

Going Back To My Roots!

May 25, 2012, 12:39 AM |

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   Well, it's been a while now since I posted a blog just for me instead of doing Chess.com/TV Group stuff, so here's one now just talking about this and that, and maybe the other.  Cool

   The big thing going on right now is the World Chess Championship match between Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand, and I must say how pleased I am that it hasn't been the blowout everyone was expecting or predicting. After 10 games, the score is level at 5 a piece with the last two games coming over the next 4 days, well, now 3 and a possible nail-biter tie-breaker afterwards. Boris struck first in Game 7, Anand struck back in Game 8 and there's been a couple of surprises on both sides when it comes to openings and some history made with one game being the shortest ever in World Chess Championship history, which was also Game 8. I've definitely been very happy the way it has been turning out and am very excited about the last two games and will be more-so if it goes to tie-breakers.

   In other Chess news, there was an article that popped up on Chessbase about Alexander Grischuk and his robotic opponent who beat the Russian GM in a 6-game match last Saturday in a Moscow park. The robot KUKA, built in Germany drew the first 3 games with the former Candidate contender but then went on to win the last 3 and mostly likely damaging the ego of Grischuk. The full article can be found on Chessbase.

   As we all know, Naka won his 3rd U.S. Title by knocking off Gata Kamsky and Irina Krush dethroned Anna Zatonskih in a play-off to claim her 4th U.S. Women's Chess Championship. To me it seems that every yeah the same two women and same two men make it to the finals, they should just let them play for it instead of going through the actual tournament because it's always the same players. But obviously, that won't happen.  Laughing

   And on a more personal note, several days ago in the Official Chess.com TV Group we had about a 12-14 member exodus because members were using the notes in the group like a text message device leaving one and two word notes or replies instead of using the IMs, group Chat Room, messages or even Live Chess. If those members are reading this, the problem has been solved by myself and Danny. So if you want to return to the group, everything will be fine.  Cool

   Have a good night or well in this case, day!