I Need 128 Players!! Who Wants In??

I Need 128 Players!! Who Wants In??

Dec 14, 2013, 12:19 PM |

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   OK everyone. The time has come for me to make my tournament announcement that I mentioned about in this past week's blog. I will be holding a set of tournaments that I will be setting up today. Here's the details about them.


  • 64 players in groups of 2--one advances
  • Knockout
  • 2 days/move
  • No Vacation Time
  • One Tournament will be Open Rating, the other 1600-2000
  • Tournaments will start once they are full


   If these tournaments catch on, I will be doing more as time goes on. I was also playing with the idea of having two more tournaments for The Official Chess.com/TV Group starting at some point in 2014, as we had started two earlier this year. Those are for prizes related to the TV Group. These here, well, are just for bragging rights.  Laughing


   I will be setting up these three tournaments as soon as this blog entry is over, so keep a sharp eye out for them. So join now! Come one, come all and show off your skills! Laughing


   EDIT: Here are the links for the tournaments:



   Have a good day everyone!