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Just A Few Things That Are Going On Here...

Just A Few Things That Are Going On Here...

Jan 8, 2013, 8:43 AM 1

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   Hey everyone! I know it's been quiet on this side of the chess screen but I've been trying to be busy and productive and just wanted to let everyone know I've been working on some things for 2013. There's three blogs coming up in the next few weeks as well as more of my Ed-Op blogs about upcoming events and some tournament coverage thrown in there. No, not live blogs, I don't think I'll ever do that again. But now that TATA is right around the corner (starting this Saturday), the Candidates matches are heading towards us this Spring, and of course all of the tourneys between now and the upcoming 2013 FIDE World Chess Championship in October/November, where Magnus could make history in my eyes, it's going ot be a big year.

   And I'm going to be there, completely ready for it all and excited to see everything that happens. Also, if the blogs go over well, maybe something special thrown in there for nostalgia. There's even talk of another Official Chess.com/TV Group Internal Tournament floating around the heads of the two Super-Admins of the TV/Group.

   I want to start pushing the blogs out, almost like an assembly line, but hopefully they'll be entertaining enough to those readers who have been following me and my activity and to those that are new to my little corner of Chess.com.   Cool

   Have a good day everyone!


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