Come On Komodo, Let's See How Hard You Bite!

Come On Komodo, Let's See How Hard You Bite!

May 17, 2016, 3:44 PM |

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   First off, summarizing the picture head used for this blog entry, is that how you're supposed to feel when playing against this engine? Yes? No?? Well, honestly I felt like a human buffet table going up against this thing for the first time, but we'll get to that later.


   A few weeks ago, I decided to add several more chess engines to my ever-widening library, thanks to a post I saw on here many years ago, but coming across it in a google search made me go on a engine download rampage, and Komodo 7 is what I got (plus some of it's older siblings.)


   Mainly, as computer chess software goes, my main combination is Fritz 12, followed up with Chessbase 11, and that's been my one-two punch for years now. During my download binge, I also got Lucas, Arena and SCID as well, but I mainly only use those for "pick-up" games, nothing overly serious.


   I'm very OCD, so I made separate time-control-type databases in Chessbase 11 for each time control I will be using across ALL chess programs (which also includes Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition,) and a 3-page outline/journal/progress report file as a poor man's training guide on what to do each day and for how long.


   Are you with me so far...? *crickets* Good. Then let's go.


   Below, already analyzed, since I played it a couple of days ago, is the second game I played (that's right, I'm NOT showing you the first) in Fritz 12, using the Komodo 7 x 64bit engine, using a hashtable size of 8 GB (I have 16 GB total) on an i7 Quad core @ 2 GHz.


   It is a 15|10 official FIDE classified Rapid game, and Komodo 7 drew from my 5 M+ game database as it's Reference Database and had 30 seconds to analyze each move, for both sides and giving me training diagrams to follow afterwards as well.


   I used to do this kind of thing years ago, but since I am not one for public scrutiny and criticism, I stopped doing it, so I am finding the stones to do it today. So let me post this sucker, and tell me what you think. Now keep in mind as Komodo 7 was analyzing, I never got the "??" blunder symbol, but, eh, you'll see it for yourself. It gave me a black "Tactical Blunder" ribbon, but not the "??" but I seemingly walked into a mate, which I thought would be the blunder. Anyway if you have any comments or words of advice, let me know.


   *Deep breath* Here is the game:




   I'm not saying what I thought about the game or anything other than I'm happy that I was able to last to long against Komodo, win or lose. Despite it being Rapid time controls, the game went on for a good bit and the analysis took over two hours.


   Be gentle, and thanks for reading.  Cool


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