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  • Formed: Nov 11, 2010
  • WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL Group! You’ve arrived at the “one-stop” place for All Things “” Here you can get more up-close and personal with our Master-Level Hosts; find up-to-date program scheduling, including timely announcements for "Special Events" broadcasts; and talk it up in the forums. (NOTE: We are now a COMPETITIVE GROUP, only through OPEN TEAM MATCHES. Sorry, but we cannot accept DIRECT CHALLENGES of any kind and will decline. TEAM MATCHES ARE NOW UP!!

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  • Ahh, ok, sorry.

    by Precious2c 27 hours ago

  • This is what you have been waitng for!!!!! THURS. Oct. 27th on ChessTV: BIG EVENT! GM CARLSEN vs. GM NAKAMURA BLITZ BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP at 10am PDT/LA, 1pm EDT, 6pm GMT/London, 10:30pm IST/Mumbai

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 27 hours ago

  • Yeah, the Preview Show is tomorrow, October 26th. The actual Title Match is Thursday the 27th. The note was for the Preview Show :P

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 48 hours ago

  • Mark, looking at the calendar, it's on Thursday, October 27th, not the 26th.

    by Precious2c 2 days ago

  • WED. Oct. 26th on ChessTV: The CARLSEN/NAKA BLITZ BATTLE Final Preview Show with IM Rensch & GM Hess! at 5pm PDT/LA, 8pm EDT, 1am GMT/London, 5:30am IST/Mumbai

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 2 days ago

  • TUES. Oct. 25th on ChessTV: CHESSKID TRAINING WEBINAR (new features, tips & tricks) with FunMasterMike (Klein) at 2pm PDT/LA, 5pm EDT, 10 pm GMT/London, 2:30am IST/Mumbai

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 3 days ago

  • CHESS TV’s MARATHON MONDAY Oct. 24th on ChessTV –FOUR SHOWS! They are all listed below! You can also visit the page if you want more details!

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 4 days ago

  • FIRST up: HACK ATTACK! with IM Rendle & John Sargent at 12pm PDT/LA, 3pm EDT, 8pm GMT/London, 12:30am IST/Mumbai

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 4 days ago

  • SECOND up: SPICY CHESS with GM Simon Williams at 1:30pm PDT/LA, 4:30pm EDT, 9:30pm GMT/London, 2am IST/Mumbai

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 4 days ago

  • THIRD up: MAN vs. MACHINE with IM Robert Hess vs KOMODO at Material Odds at 3pm PDT/LA, 6pm EDT, 11pm GMT/London, 3:30am IST/Mumbai

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 4 days ago