Jon Ludvig Puts The 'Hammer' Down

Jon Ludvig Puts The 'Hammer' Down

Jan 9, 2015, 12:26 AM |

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   "The Other Norway GM" as he was jokingly referred to in the Official Group and on older shows like Pardon Our Blunders (Not the new versions, but the original show with IMs Danny Rensch and David Pruess.) made news by winning a tournament in Sweden a few days ago. GM Jon Ludvig Hammer loved being a part of broadcasts, whether by video, audio or even in the chat. When the group was built, he wanted early access to it, and he even helped with deciding content and putting the theme together. Hammer was a great addition to &

   A few days ago, as I was reading articles on Chessbase I came across this familiar name and saw that he won the tournament in Sweden called the Rilton Cup, by a very *very* thin margin. I was happy for him and when I mentioned to my girlfriend Donna she was as well. It's been a while, for me at least, to see Hammer's name floating around but it's nice when it happens. I'm going to link to the article here so you can read it for yourself. I know an "official" News report was put up, but I've always done my own thing on here anyway and in the last few years, it's worked out well.  Cool

   If you feel like it, leave a message on his profile giving him congrats like I have. Hammer's a great guy, a great player, and I'm sure he'll love whatever response he gets. HIs name is "SultanofKings."

   Anyway I just wanted to get this blog out there to honor a friend of mine and his winning the Rilton Cup. I asked him in his Notes if he would return to the Group just to make an appearance in the notes and say Hi. Hopefully he will.  Laughing

   Alright. That's it for now. I'll be having a "just-for-fun" entry up after this blog in a day or two then beginning to focus on TATA, which starts this weekend.

   Have a great day everyone!  Laughing