Showcased Game: Your Games Analyzed for 4/17!

Showcased Game: Your Games Analyzed for 4/17!

Apr 17, 2012, 12:33 PM |

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   This is going to be a very short recap of today's Your Games Analyzed, which aired at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern and was open to ALL Members of Now when I mean short, I mean *short*. It's a tragedy that I can't get the full analysis from GM Magesh Panchanathan on these shows because just posting the PGN doesn't do the show or the analysis justice.

   Magesh has been doing an awesome job for since the show re-aired two weeks ago and everyone in the chat has been very respectful of him and the game that was showcased for analysis.

   But here was the trivia question at the beginning of the show. The member who answered it correctly first got to submit a game for analysis:

   Q: Who was the next World Champion after Tal?

   A: Petrosian

   Even though there was a little debate about this saying it was Botvinnik first because he had won the rematch, the show continued with Petrosian as the answer.

   So here's the game that was submitted by Phelon:

   Perhaps there can be a way to arrange post-analysis PGNs to be posted or messaged to me because I feel like the underside of a pig for not being able to post the game with Magesh's analysis. He does such an awesome job at it.  Cool

   Next recap blog is tomorrow of the 10-game  simul "BIG Show" hosted by IM Danny Rensch which airs at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern/9 PM London time open to Platinum/Diamond members.