Showcased Game: Your Games Analyzed for 5/1!

Showcased Game: Your Games Analyzed for 5/1!

May 1, 2012, 7:59 PM |

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   Even though it's a little later than usual, here is the showcased game from today's episode of Your Games Analyzed on Today's show was open to Platinum/Diamond members, began at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/6 PM London Time and was hosted by GM Magesh Panchanathan.

   Despite the show's slightly lower than usual numbers on viewers and chatters today, it was an active room with a lot of participation and discussion on the game that was being analyzed.

   As per procedure, Magesh asked the trivia question which would determine who gets their game analyzed and picked apart. Here was the question:

   Q: In the PCA World Championship Match between Kaspy and Kramnik, what famous variation did Kramnik use to eventually win the match?

   A: Berlin Defence aka. The Berlin Wall

   Winner: Spanos Nomikos

   So here is the game along with Magesh's analysis and variations:


   I hope some have found this game useful and helpful, especially if they play this opening and stay tuned for another episode of Your Games Analyzed next week; same time, same day, same channel. Cool

   Have a good night everyone!