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Showcased Game: Your Games Analyzed for 5/15 & More!

Showcased Game: Your Games Analyzed for 5/15 & More!

May 15, 2012, 12:14 PM 1

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The Official Chess.com/TV Group Blog

   Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another quick-recap of the weekly Chess.com/TV show Your Games Analyzed which is hosted by GM Magesh Panchanathan. This week's episode was open to Platinum/Diamond members and began at 10 AM Pacific.

   After doing a puzzler "trivia question" last week, the show returned to its roots this time with just your basic Chess knowledge question, which is below:

   Q: What two players played the "Game of the Century?"

   A: Fischer and Byrne

   After a minute or two once the initial winner handed off the chance to get a game analyzed, pellik was announced the winner and here is his game below with Magesh's variations but with pellik's commentary during the course of the game.

   Now I am doing something new here by not only including the game in this blog, but also uploading it to Chess.com's Downloads section for anyone who wants to look at the game closer. I am using Chessbase 11 to post the games so the game would best be viewed using any Chessbase product. So look for the download a few minutes after this blog is posted. But here is the game below:



   As a special treat, here is the PGN from "The Game of the Century" with analysis and commentary:



   So that's it for this week everyone. YGA will return next week at the same time of 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/6 PM London time. Have a great night and don't forget to join the Official Chess.com/TV Group today!  Cool

   The download is now posted in the Downloads section of Chess.com!


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