So, What Has Happened Since...

So, What Has Happened Since...

Dec 7, 2013, 11:59 AM |

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   It's been a while since my last blog. There are several reasons for it, one being the struggle with my own health issues; the other has just been the ugly head of Steam and my computer games always coming to the forefront. So, as I sit here with Bon Jovi and the Skyrim Soundtrack on in the background, I'm serving this blog up on a windy, cold day in New Jersey. I hope to you, constant reader, it was worth the wait.

    First of all, I must talk about Magnus Carlsen, just because, well--he's Magnus Carlsen, now the official King of the Chess World. He is, quite possibly, the best player ever. Yes, I know that's something that typically gets a debate going, but I had to say it. I also know that, with the inflation of the ratings, it might not make as much sense saying that, but just look at the kid. He's the second-youngest World Champion in history (behind his former coach, Kasparov), and has the highest rating ever (despite the inflation). He's simply a "stud" on the chess board, especially after beating former Champion Vishy Anand 6.5-3.5. We now look toward the Candidates Tournament, which Anand automatically qualifies for, to see who will be facing Carlsen in the next World Championship Match.

   Another thing that needs to be discussed, at least by me, are the two Official TV Group Internal Tournaments. They began February 1st, 2013, their prizes being related to the Official Group:

  • 1st place: One hour of blitz w/analysis with your favorite Host
  • 2nd place: Guest Hosting Pardon our Blunders
  • 3rd place: Free Your Games Analyzed analysis


   I have been thinking to start two new tournaments in the new year, but that can wait. I'm not ready to overload myself now that I'm trying to get back in gear here...but we'll see.


   Hopefully I can keep myself in a good place health-wise, and try to get to where my life again includes chess. I'm especially keen on it since the World Championship match. Chess has been coming and going lately, and it's going to become more important for me to do so in the future for other reasons, so I need to stay in tune with the chess world .


   Anyway, that's it for now. Stay tuned for tournament info. In fact, in case you weren't aware, the best way to keep track of announcements and events is to join the TV Group. Have a good day everyone. Laughing