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   This was supposed to go up two days ago but I got a little sidetracked in other stuff, so here it is now. It's the recap of this week's Your Games Analyzed, hosted by GM Magesh Panchanathan. This week, Magesh asked a trivia question at the start of the show instead of doing the more popular chess puzzle. Whoever answered the trivia question correctly whould get to have one of their games analyzed by Magesh. Here's the question, answer, and the winner:

   Wilhelm Steinitz became Chess' first World Champion. Whom did he beat for the Title?

   Answer: Zukertort

   Winner: Cnacnel

   So Cnac, as he was called during the broadcast, was able to send Magesh a game to analyze, change his username in the chat for Magesh to see him easier, and the show began. This is the game that was submitted, an E04 5.Nf3 Open Catalan:


   Now the only problem here was Magesh after the show and before he sent me the game, lost the file he was working on as the show was being recorded. So he reconstructed it as best as he could then sent it to me. There was more analysis, but I think he did a good job nonetheless. Remember this is his analysis, not Chessbase's, not an engine. He used Chessbase 11 for his analysis and anyone who downloads this game, as I will put it in the Downloads section of, should have a Chessbase product in order to see all of the arrows and diagrams.

   Two words kept popping up during the broadcast by Cnac, "Hope Chess," and if you played through the whole game, you'll find out why.

   There you have it people, a nice short recap of another great show by Magesh that lasted about 1 hr and 39 minutes. We had a good audience turnout for it being in the beginning stages of the afternoon while most people are getting lunch, in school or at work.

   Check out my previous blog for the upcoming schedule and join the Group for show updates, host interaction, recaps and much more. Have a good day everyone!  Cool



  • 4 years ago


    Yes pfren, it was bad, I made a grave miscalculation and deemed Qxa4  and Rxa4 as bad moves and concentrated on Qxb6. I don't know how I couldn't have seen that 12...bxa4 is actually losing since I spent most of my free time (and I was sick, stayed all the time in home, so I had a lot of it) analyzing this game. 12...Nxe5 played in this game is indeed much better -

    I wonder if 13.Qxa4 Nxe5 14.dxe5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Qb5 isn't better. When I get to my proper computer I'll be able to check with the engine.

  • 4 years ago

    IM pfren

    12...ba4? is just terrible. In the line you give (13.Qxa4 Qxb2 14.Rfb1 Qxd2 15.Rxb7 Bd6) Black can pack and go home after 16.Nc4.

  • 4 years ago


    Thanks for reconstructing the analysis! I hope I'll get the chance to have my game analyzed next week, if so I will choose the game where I won against the same opponent!

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