You Can Cut The Tension With a Knife!!!

You Can Cut The Tension With a Knife!!!

May 9, 2012, 3:22 PM |

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   The last 30 minutes or so on today's episode of "The BIG Show" hosted by IM Danny Rensch was literally full of "hanging off your seat" tension! Cool

   Danny played 11 games this week because one player had connection issues, but kept going despite that, so the standard 10-game simul was bumped up by one and it was one heck of a show. As the games went on, they went longer and were full of excitement in the later half of the almost 2-hour show!  Cool

   Today's show was open to Platinum/Diamond members and began at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern/9 PM London time.

   It was also the last show before the World Chess Championship coverage begins, and that starts Friday morning at 5:30 AM Pacific/8:30 AM Eastern/1:30 PM London time. Round 1 coverage is open to ALL Members. Cool

   But here, we're talking about "The BIG Show," and we have 11 games to post, so let's get to them. They are posted in the order in which they finished. Smile

Game 1: vs. cmanbst - C67 Ruy Lopez: Berlin Defence:

Game 2: vs. doggyman12345 - B50 Sicilian:

Game 3: vs. DeepTurtle22 - A47 Torre, London, Colle Systems:

Game 4: vs. Golfballer2 - B27 Sicilian:

Game 5: vs. Jauenx - C45 Scotch:


Game 6: vs. Zenchess - B90 Sicilian Najdorf:

Game 7: vs. chessrace - A00 Irregular Openings:

Game 8: vs. Wyoung913 - B38 Sicilian Maroczy Bind:


Game 9: vs. PawnInTheGame - D52 QGD - Cambridge Springs Variation:

   Now this is where things *really* got interesting as the last two games were coming to a close.
Game 10: vs. BrianDArpie - B78 Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack:

Game 11: vs. SpanosNomikos - C45 Scotch:

   Congrats to all the participants and to BrianDArpie for his success against Danny taking away the chance of him having his 4th ever perfect show!

   Have a good night everyone!