FOUR Showcased Games: Your Games Analyzed 4/26

FOUR Showcased Games: Your Games Analyzed 4/26

Apr 26, 2012, 12:42 PM |

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   A record setting 4 games was analyzed today in a special 2-hour edition of one of the original line-up of shows when was born. Naturally, the first Host of the show was the one to break its record. So that just added to the fun.

   Originally, there was supposed to be Pardon our Blunders today at 11 AM Pacific, but Danny had voice issues so he couldn't do the show. So IM David Pruess jumped on for a surprise show that lasted two hours, mostly because he had the starting time of PoB wrong. Laughing

   Anyways, 4 games were analyzed. Each game took about 30 minutes to go over. Each game had it's own trivia question. Sadly, for the 4th game, David deleted the analysis before saving it and sending to me. So we only have actual analysis for 3 games and the straight up PGN for the 4th. Frown

   The first question of the show was:

   Q: "What's the current score in the Aronian/Kramnik Match?"

   A: 2-2

   Winner: vibavi

   Here is the game with David's analysis:


   David then asked Question 2:

   "In what city will Erik, Jay, Danny and David be playing a chess tournament in the month of May?"

   A: Chicago

   Winner: kingpatzer

   The submitted game:


   Next Question on the list:

   "Which band wrote the song 'Sweet Child O' Mine'?"

   A: Guns 'N Roses

   Winner: Baconmaker

   The game:



   And the final question:

   "At what age did Magnus Carlsen become a GM?"

   A: 13

   Winner: dzindzi/drumdaddy

   Remember now, this was the game that David forgot to save the analysis in, so it's just the PGN:


   So that's it guys. A record-breaking, 2-hour surprise show and the original host gets to do it all. Now just rest your voice up David. We don't need to have two hosts who can't speak.  Cool

   Have a great night everyone!