2023 Daily Chess Championship
2023 Daily Chess Championship

2023 Daily Chess Championship

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This year I decided to play in Daily Chess Championship.
To be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of Daily Chess. Once, I played around 20 games simultaneously, which was a nightmare. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and it’s hard to ignore notifications about new moves or messages. So every time I opened my account, I saw new moves, and I had a necessity to make my moves, sometimes on 10-20 boards. Another reason for me not to play in Daily Chess tournaments- I’m not a big fan of tournaments with durations of more than 1 year, and I prefer to finish my games and tournaments faster.
But I know that a lot of my students enjoy such games and tournaments, and some of them play 50+ games simultaneously, my respect for all such players!!
So, you can have a logical question- why did I tell you about my cold relationship with Daily chess and then still decide to play in that tournament?
Hm…I don’t know…
Another thing about me- I’m very curious and often try new things and get new experiences.
And a good reason for me to play in- only 1 day for the move without vacation.
So I decided to play in that tournament and try this experience.
Even after reading such articles about last year's tournament.peshka

So this New Year, I started with 22 new daily chess games, which was an exciting experience.
I was the strongest player in my group, winning most of my games on time.
It's a reality of Daily Chess games without vacation with 1 day to move( red zeros mean losing on time)

I want to show you some exciting moments from the games I played in the first round.

One game I lost and I want to show your how.

A good game for my opponent, he deserves a win in that game.

So lost one game and won all the other games, and I got first place and advanced to round two.

It was an exciting experience, not as stressful as I expected. Thank you to all my opponents, and hope to play more exciting games in round 2.