Man Vs. Chess Pt.3, Different Variations

Man Vs. Chess Pt.3, Different Variations

Aug 2, 2016, 12:58 AM |


(Note: This won't make sense until you go here. If you have read it you can stay on this page.)

The Australian defense is like a white version of the Scandinavian Defense, but in this play you don't take the pawn but do d4. This enables you to 

1. Develop your knight and

2. Gain control of the center.

However, in this variation (The Balwyn Variation)  we are going to move our knight first to be ahead in development and gain control of the center squares first then f3.



However, in the other unnamed variation, we meet a certain Nf6, which is pretty good for white, in fact.

Here we are gaining a pawn and possibly a knight too. This is a bad move by black but if he decides to do exf3 then play goes on as normal.
So those are the different variations for the Australian Defense!