Back down to EARTH!!

Apr 7, 2012, 8:29 PM |

So I went into my Chess clubs Easter tourny on fire. I had only lost 1 game in tournaments in 24 games. My perf had shot up from 111 before that run to 123! And I had played alot so that rating jump was massive as its on an average. I was confident and really did feel unbeatble at this level. I felt so confident I nearly entered the open section as I was actually worried about my rating going crazy and being in the u140s for July which I dont think I am ready yet for to be competing at the top of that section. Anyway I find out the pairings and I am white v the Number 1 seed Steve Levey! He had just fnished hes league in 2nd place out of 10 and he had won 9 out of those 10 and should get promotion. I had been awful in my league but was in a much harder league than him. I currently stand in last place and need to win my last 2 to finish out of bottom 3. Alot of my games were early in the season when I was still poor. Anyway I was up v Levey a 116 ECF (Fide 1578) He had also won hes Rapid play division this season but I had 2 prev meetings with him in slow play and we stood at 1-1 with me winning the last meeting.


So 2/4 and I decide to pull out and go home. I had nothing to play for and wasnt feeling great. My friend Bill Upton won the section who I had recently beat and drawed with. And The guy who was on top board in last round I had also beat only in Feb so just a bad few games from me and I will be back!  I needed to lose a few rating points anyway as I was heading for the higher sections in July and still am unless I have poor end to the season. I will just keep playig best and see where it takes me. Best situation will to be rated 119 and be top seed for a whole year in all tournaments lol. I will try and keep my blog updated with how it goes.  ;)  My next tourney will maybe be a rapid on Monday and maybe a rapid next weekend. My next slow play in Nottingham in 2 weeks. If any good results come from these I will post them up if not I may post a game or 2 that may of been interesting. ;)


Heres the link to this tourny I played in for anyone interested.