My mum v Me ;)

Mar 26, 2013, 5:59 PM |

I promise afer my trip to France and maybe even during I may get a blog or 2 up but thought I would post this up as it was kinda a special game as my mum taught me Chess when I was 5/6. And she knows how good I have got the past few years and hates to lose so up till now has never agreed to play me lol.

But somehow I got mu mum into Chess the oher day sending her a few videos about Magnus Carlsen and she got really into it and even started watching the candidates commentary and webcams just to watch the concentration of the players etc lol. But anyway I managed to persuade her to play me and gave her loads of tips at the start and said I will give her about 8 lives or so to keep the game going. I showed all her blunders in the analysis with ?? next to them. And told her why they were bad moves. Anyway game is quite funny after I trap her Queen but it was only a game to one day maybe show people or have it for myself as something we shared once as me and my mum dont ever play any games v eachother.

Altho I played her once at scrabble and ofcourse I got smacked as shes a scrabble pro lol. Anyway hope anyone who views the game enjoys it and I will put the 2nd leg of this game up soon and some blogs of my tournaments going back to where I left off nearly 9 months ago.

So ofcourse no contest but atleast by giving her lives the game lasted alot longer and is something I can cherish. ;)

Will try and get a blog or 2 up while I am in France. I am going to play a fide rated event in Dunkirk with Peter Lalic the chess writer and National Master. ;)   Plus do some shopping and French girl hunting ;)