Computer Analysis: No Blunders!

Jan 19, 2011, 2:07 AM |

First time in my analyzed game collection, I finally snatched a rarity from my Live Chess games Archive. A game that has no blunders! Almost always, a game of mine has at least one blunder. Just one, usually in the endgame. Sometimes I have dozens of blunders (even though I still win?), and other times I have very few. Most players have never had a blunder-less game, but alas, I have achieved this rare game result, and am very proud. Maybe I should bake cookies to celebrate ;)

However, I am confused by the computer's analysis thought process. Even though I played the Nimzowitsch Defense (B00), within the first 2 moves, I had made an "inaccuracy". Apparently, move 2...b6 was not supposed to be played right away, but to instead advance my e6 pawn first, perhaps to disallow a potential threat. But it does not matter, my opponent did not take advantage of my so called "inaccuracy", and play continued normally.

Below are the details of the game, with a copy of the game itself. Enjoy, and if you can, annotate my mistakes, or perhaps congratulate me? I prefer the latter =)

junrie vs. CuzinVinny

Score: 0-1 Date: 1/19/2011
Time: 10|0
Opening:  B00: Nimzowitsch Defense

Inaccuracies: 7 = 14.9% of moves
Mistakes: 12 = 25.5% of moves
Blunders: 0 = 0.0% of moves

My opponent resigned from his hopeless position, and I was the victor. It's a great feeling, crushing your opponent when he makes a single blunder. For me, my opponent obviously blundered at Move 36. Apparently he forgot his rook was under attack? Well, after a desperate check, we both danced the tango around the board a bit until he finally resigned.

Any notes on my name would be greatly appreciated. If you have a request for me to write a blog/article, do not hesitate to message me. Comment if you ever had a "blunder-less" game as well!

Thank you for viewing my article, hope you all have a wonderful week.