Best Chess Of 2019: Top 5 Game Reviews

Best Chess Of 2019: Top 5 Game Reviews

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Hey all!

This blog will have the "behind the scenes" analysis of each game from my Top 5 Chess Games of 2019 video series. Premium members, check out the videos! Enjoy the breakdowns of each game and leave a comment if you learned something. 

And if you didn't learn the blog and notes again  —then leave a comment after the second time through!  

Game #5: Mchedlishvili vs Rathnakaran | 2nd Goa Open 2019

Game #4: Moiseenko vs Korley | Xtracon Open 2019

Game #3: Saric vs Suleymanli | European Club Cup 2019

Game #2: Dubov vs Svane | European Team Championship 2019

Game #1: Firouzja vs Karthikeyan | Asian Continental 2019